Over the years we have had a lot of friends.  Marisa and I have been together for over 20 years and this is a montage of 20 years of friendships.  They are in no particular order, some may be better friends than others, some may have been worse, some are definitely still our friends, some are MIA, and some have even passed away.  We just want to say these are our friends, for better or worse, here they are;

      A Video by Gary      
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  Bruce and Joanne   Chris   Chris and Grandaughter  
  Dana (Mrs. Clause)   Jerry Garcia   Jeff (Santa)  
  Tim and Michelle   Jeff and Dana   Darren  

  Corina   Tim   Matt  
  The Band   Corina and her Boys   Timmy  
  Ray and Sandra   Susan   April  
  Jim     Rhonda  
      Mike   Lenny  
      and Shawna      
  Karla   Mark      
  Joanne   Kristen   Jamyn  
  Debbie and Mark       Anita  
  Chris and Cory       Cory  
  Bruce   Sandy and Jerry   Cathy  
  Dr. Dave   Terry   Dan and Deb  
  Rex   Sabrina   Marina  
  Elaine   Richard   Crystal  
      Rhonda   Karla  
  Chris and Lenny   Tim   Skeeter  
  Dustin   Rex      
  Jerry   Jeff   Pat and Bennie  
  Gloria's Mom and Gloria   Chris, Anne and kids   Marina and Martin