The Story behind the addiction!        

          It all started many many years ago when I was in Jr. High School, lived in a home in Rio Linda, California, on 6th Street.  I made the yard, house (outside) and the front of the garage my haunt.  I had ghosts flying down from trees and my sister and friends helped me scare the trick-or-treater's.  As the years went by I did more and more to make my haunt better.  For about 4 years I had a guy who sat in a chair and got up as people would arrive at the door.  A couple of years he sat on the front porch, and one year he was inside the garage.  He was manually controlled but electronically operated, the first year I used an old power car antenna motor, then changed it to an old trolling motor.  I still have the trolling motor, (I don't throw anything away) but it requires a car battery to run.  Lately I have only static props, lighting, fog and sound to make my haunted yard scary.  I may eventually add some mechanical creatures, however they will need to be good ones, and not just something that jumps up when you walk by.  Maybe some minor movements, like an arm, leg or eyes.  Something that makes the visitor think, is that guy real?  All of the time people think the witch is real, she is life size and sits still in a chair inside the castle.  Just wait, someday things will move, and then you will ask, "is it real?"




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