Halloween 2011 Halloween 2012  

The setup takes about 2 weeks, first goes the fence to outline the area, then some tombstones to kinda get a feel for the overall layout.  The facade comes next to bring the theme together.  Once everything is laid out, the final touches are the characters and decor, like the hanging lamp, skulls, more tombstones, heads, bodies, and more.  The last things to be done are the lighting and fog.  I was able to use my new Fog Chiller this year, last year was too windy and I had problems with my foggers, this year was perfect...

There were many new items this year, (noted below) one was the top to the Castle, it made the castle facade look much better.  I added a Gargoyle , a Ghost inside, added a Coffin in the graveyard, (Marisa came home with it one day), it's perfect.  I hang the Caldron on a stand and put some fire under it, (thanks Tim Rader for the idea), a couple of new Grave Stones and an Entrance sign for the gate, oh and the gate.

      New Item (Hanging Skeletons)   New Item (Castle Top)  
      New Item (Coffin)   New Item (Cooking Caldron)  
          Caldron is not new, the fire and hanger are  
      New Item (Ghost)   New Item (Gargoyle)  
      Wide View Night Shot      
  New Item (Entrance)