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Yes my friends, I am a halloween-a-holic, and there is no cure!
This year's Theme - Tomb of Fog!

          This year the new item was the Tomb of Fog.  A small building that some called a dog house, but was designed to disperse the fog from the chiller out onto the graveyard out of 3 different holes.  The tomb worked fine except for the device I built to add a second fogger.  The "splitter" leaked so much that the fog never made it out the front, but when I removed the splitter and placed one fogger, the tomb did what it was designed to do.  Next year I will re-design the splitter and it will work with 2 foggers.

  Tomb of Fog in Progress   Tomb of Fog is done   Tomb of Fog in place  

           Because of all the rain we had the last 2 weeks of October, I had to wait until Friday the 30th (Happy Birthday Brandon) it was a full time job to build it all in 2 days.  Because I normally build it over a 2 week period, I never knew that it was so much work.

      Everybody's getting restless   Garage Windows  
  Hearse Entrance   The Gate Keeper      
      Everything is ready      
  Halloween Night - Saturday - October 31st, 2009  
  Nick's friend - the Dead Football Star   Nick is back - this time as a Clown      

           I didn't get many pictures of the Iverson's yard this year, I was going to get some at night, however the time got away from me, I was the bar tender for our guests, and between mixing Margaritas and handing out candy, something happened to the night...

      Bruce adding finishing touches