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Halloween 2011
Yes my friends, I am a halloween-a-holic, and there is no cure!
This Year's Theme - I've seen that movie before

         It's already mid-October and I have done nothing! I want to get busy because I know how it will creep up on me and all of a sudden, I have neighbors knocking on my door asking; "are you going to do your Halloween thing this year?", and I say "I don't know, haven't decided yet", but you know the answer, "I'm being lazy and will get to it". I haven't even looked at what will be new this year. Most likely a couple of new tomb stones, possibly some more sounds, maybe an iPod in the yard thing. Because of the dry weather and how hot it was this summer, one of our oak trees in the front is dropping these huge acorns. I think they are too big for the squirrles, but that's ok, the larger trees are dropping tiny acorns, seems like something out of a horror movie!

         Today is Saturday, 10/15 and I still need to do the yard work for the front before I can start setting anything up. The lawn needs mowing and edging and some weedeating, and the flowerbeds are full of these creepy weeds that don't seem to die. I should just leave it all and call it a run-down cemetary, but I can't because it will eventually get that way and once the decor is placed in the yard, doing yard work is done for the season. I will post pictures this evening on how far I get. There is talk of possible storms next weekend, so my decor will be sparse until it gets close to the day. I have taken time off this year for setup and cleanup, so I'm not worried about last minute changes and also, this year Halloween is on Monday, so all weekend will be devoted to setting up the yard. I usually do all of the sound the day before and the day of. Getting ideas already... Stay Tuned!
New Tomb Stone - 2008
The Twins
The Queen
  Fixture replacement   A little lighting work   The Yard Before  
         Several of the light fixtures had problems, mostly with their power cables or outside case. Made of Pot Metal, adjustments are hard on it and it just cracked. The old fixtures above were originally wired many years ago, maybe 50, where the wires are covered with a type of tar and cloth mix. They were getting pretty worn and ready to short. On one of them I changed the fixture from an aluminum one to a Pot Metal one, and had to epoxy it in.
  The first evidence   The Fence is up, the gate will have to wait   Hearse Entrance  
  The Gate Keeper   Repairs of The Gate Keeper   The Gate Keeper  
         Every year the Gate Keeper loses his eyeball lighting. Because the eyeballs move from side to side as he laughs and talks, his eyes light up but due to the constant back and fourth motion, the wires break. So every year I find myself taking this thing apart and fixing the wiring for another year. I will try to figure out a way to make it last longer if I have time. But got to have them eyes! This year his jaw was also broken, a string that actuates the jaw was broken, I re-tied it but it is frayed so I don't know how long it will work, this may be the Gate Keeper's last hurrah...
         Last night we had a storm with high winds and lots of rain, I was worried about what I have already done but it was all still there in the morning and no repairs were required. I had put up the gate and tied it with a plastic chain to keep it from swinging open and closed. All is well in the old cemetery.
          Surrounded by "Happy Halloween" on both sides  
  Surrounded by "Happy Halloween" OMG!