Halloween 2010 Halloween 2011
Yes my friends, I am a halloween-a-holic, and there is no cure!
This Year's Theme - Get in, get out and don't leave a trace

         2012 was only a quick year as our house is on the market and I was unable to decorate the yard for the normal 2 weeks with screws in the siding and a wood facade and smoke and fire. I was limited to decor I could put out in a single day and remove back to normal in the same amount of time, therefore this year is the year of the minimal decor, but at least it was done.

         By 5:00 PM Wednesday evening I was done with all decorations, had some candy ready and ate a snack to keep me going, I'm ready for the kido's. By 9:30 PM everyone had showed up that will I think, I'm ready to shut things down and by 1:00 PM on Thursday everything was back in the garage, except for the fence. By 5:30 PM the fence was in the garage and there was little evidence that anything was going on at this house, but the neighbors know. Even through it was a quick year because of the house sale, at least I didn't have to miss it. At least I had something to post here on my Web Site. How many more years am I going to be able to do this? Many I hope...
The Queen
      Skull Fountain   The Yard  
         With only a few hours to put something together, I just pulled from the many boxes and containers of Halloween stuff some of the best items and put them out. Nothing like the years past, I hope next year we're back in business.
      The Gate Keeper